S/4HANA 20:20 Vision

With the announcement of S/4HANA, SAP have delivered a platform and applications that will enable new business models and radically streamline existing ones.

S/4 is the tool to enable your Digital Transformation and we can help you to plan your journey, one step at a time, delivering value as you go.

S/4HANA in a Day

Would you like to understand what S/4HANA is and how you can build your new business models on top of this amazing platform ?

This one day session will provide you with the details of how the various tools from SAP can be used together to enable agile stepwise innovation around a stable core. In one day this workshop will take you from Concept to working Prototype.

Education for SAP Teams

We have developed a range of courses that enable project teams and SAP professionals to design and implement SAP solutions that utilise the full capabilities of the SAP Technologies.

These courses include SAP Fiori, SAP Process Orchestration, SAP HANA and S/4HANA.

About Us

CompriseIT was founded by IT professionals from a SAP and Microsoft background. They believed in the long term value of well planned and architected solutions balanced against a strong desire to create practical solutions that delivered value to the business. Formed in 2007 CompriseIT has been at the forefront of the SAP technologies now powering S/4HANA.

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